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tv   News  Al Jazeera America  August 21, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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according to the head of the mission, they will need an official request from the united nations, but at the same time they will also need a approval of the syrian government. now the un investigative team, it really took months of negotiation with the syrian government. so it is not clear whether the team will be able to investigate. it's hard to independently confirm what hand on the ground, but this doesn't the first time that rebels accused the government of using chemical
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weapons. the government has accused the them of using these weapons as well. undoubtedly the ongoing conflict would only lead to more escalation. >> thank you. in egypt former egyptian president, hosni mubarak was ordered to be released from prison. it's possibility he could be free, however, his legal troubles not ever. jonathan betts joins us from cairo. what has the reaction before to this news, jonathan? >> yeah, it is a huge development, the reaction at cairo is waiting and seeing. two years ago the country celebrated when hosni mubarak was thrown from office, but in the past two years, a lot has changed in egypt, the government
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has changed triwice. but today acourt in cairo, cleared one of the last hurdles. now it looks like it is becoming increasingly possible that hosni mubarak could be freed from prison. unlikely to happen today, but sources telling al jazeera it could happen as early as tomorrow. not a guarantee, though. we're obviously not sure exactly what may happen. but he does -- there are appeals in place, and he could -- that decision could be appealed by prosecutors as early as tomorrow. and he does face other charges. there's a trial that begins on sunday for his role in the killing of protesters in 2011, but certainly this is a big
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change. >> so jonathan it sounds the way that you are explaining this. it sounds that this almost amounts to bail in a way. but he could be free, but he still has all of these charges that he has to deal with. if he is free, how might this complicate the situation in egypt that is already so tense? >> yeah, describing bail is an excellent example. investigation continues but he would be allowed to be free from prison. but this will certainly fuel more protest and anger. there's a lot of division in this country, it could further polarize the country. >> jonathan thank you.
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officials say 1,250 homes remain evacuated in the resort airs of ketchum and sun valley. because of a large wildfire burning nearby. these are the latest pictures from near california's yosemite national park where four wildfires are burning. there are reports that 200 seniors were forced to evacuate. about 450 firefighters continue to fight the fire. the west is experiencing quite a bit of rain -- [ technical difficulties ] >> unfortunately it is so dry and so warm in the west that all of the rain that we're seeing on
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the radar is starting to evaporate in the air. once the rain drops evaporate it creates cooler air. and cooler air is heavy. it drops, and as soon as that happens you get those strong wind gusts coming down, and that is going push a fire from one point to another very easily. so the concern is as we watch these thunderstorms move right up, is that we're going to get a lot of lightning strikes, sparking new fires. the interesting thing is these storms are exactly moving into our fire areas that exist. we're going to track these thunderstorms through the day, and i'll show you where the lightning strikes are right now. so we can start to see what is developing here, how dry it is, and what the drought situation is. former army psychologist
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hassn has rested his case. the prosecution rested its case after calling nearly 90 witnesses, but hassan who admitted he was the shooter, called no one. he rested his cases moments after he was scheduled to begin his hassan really rested his case before he began. he said four words, the defense has rested. he called no witnesses, and told the judge that he does not want the injury to consider any lesser charges than voluntary manslaughter. >> now even though he did act as
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his own attorney, he had lawyers standing by with him, right?arg. he wanted to say that he targeted u.s. soldiers to defending lives in afghanistan. the judge said that is irrelevant to the case, which leads us to the facts o that left him with very little left to say. >> thank you, heidi.
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a sentencing hearing getting underway in washington state for robert bales. he has already pleaded guilty to the murders. survivors in the attack have been testifying. tuesday an afghan farmer who survived being shot cursed bales and then broke down. the 9/11 pretrial hearings are underway at guantanamo bay. and children in japan are contracting thyroid cancer, and it's being linked to the fukishima disaster.
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mission. >> there's more to america, more stories, more voices, more points of view. now there's are news channel with more of what americans want to know. >> i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." this is "america tonight." sglovrjs our -- >> our news coverage reveal more of america's stories.
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♪ recapping our top stories the military judge has sentenced private bradley manning to 35 years in prison. the leaked classified government documents to i wikileaks. along with the sentence, manning -- [ technical difficulties ] and hosni mubarak is currently being held while prosecutors investigate corruption allegations against him. if prosecutors don't appeal the ruling, mubarak could be free in the next couple of days. hearings are continuing on guantanamo. on tuesday a prisoner said gr d
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grard -- guards are depriving him of food as torture. natasha ghoneim joining us. so natasha get us up to speed on what has happened so far. >> good morning, rochelle. attorneys have been arguing this morning that they have many concerns. they have been enumerating their concerns about their obstacles they are facing defending their clients. they are telling the judge given the lack of access to documents, concerns about attorney/client material being monitored, and the lack of resources, they say they can't launch a proper defense. and there are five men's lives on the line. defense attorneys argue that these cases should never have been argued in a military
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commission. we spoke with those here observing these hearings. zeke johnson says this trial could be tried in court. >> the rules are still unsettled. basically the government is trying to build a ship while sailing it, and that ship is sinking. >> now johnson also says he believes the government is still concealing evidence of torture. rochelle this issue of torture has repeatedly been raised by defense attorneys. i do want to mention, according to military commission guidelines, no statements obtained during the course of torture can be used during the trial. >> natasha ghoneim thank you so much. from guantanamo bay. ♪ in business news the "wall
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street journal" reports the justice department is preparing to file new cases against financial firms related to the economic crisis. eric holder declined to tell the paper about specific cases or when the case would be announced, but he said he wouldn't leave his job before making major decisions from cases stemming from the collapse. home resales rose in july to the highest level of three years. sales jumped 6.5%. meanwhile application for mortgages are falling for the second straight week, higher rates are hammering refinance activity, which has dropped about two-thirds over the last three months. and lowe's is riding the housing recovery to monster profits. they earned nearly a billion dollars in the last three months, and expects the rest of the year to remain strong.
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the performance comes the day after home depot posted record earnings as well. 3,000 hours of tape recordings covering the height of the watergate scandal, they are expected to show how nixon continued policy while dealing with the allegation that ultimately forced him to resign as president. coming up the possible link between the nuclear disaster and kids contracting cancer. and the last two weeks we have had so much rain in the southeast, that we have had all kinds of flooding problems there. but it's rain and dry lightning that is the issue in the west. i'll show you where the lightning is starting out this morning, and where we're watching a typhoon overseas.
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♪ welcome back. let's recap our top stories now. bradley manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. he leaked classified government documents to wikileaks, we was dishonorable discharged as well a court has ordered the release of hosni mubarak. if prosecutors do not appeal, mubarak could be free in the next couple of days. the u.s. embassy in yemen reopened its doors after being closed for nearly two weeks.
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it will offer limited to services to the public for now. it was one of 19 u.s. embassies and console lates closed in the middle east and african through to terror threats. officials in japan say there's an increase in the number of cases of children being diagnosed with thyroid cancer due to the fukushima plant. ♪ i'm meteorologist rebecca stephenson. we're looking at a satellite picture of typhoon trami. keep in mind just in the cast
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couple of weeks we have already tracked another typhoon into china, where it brought ex -- exsessionive deaths. significant rainfall is once again moving into china throughout the day today as the storm makes landfall. we're still monitoring to see if this will officially be called a typhoon. but the state news agency for china gave a quote, and said this is the worst floods in decades for china. and taiwan is also in the mix for all of this rainfall as well. to the northwest it's not rainfall that we're watching so much as lightning strikes, because the rain as it is moving up into the dry air is evaporating. and it's very dry for the
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southwest and parts of idaho and oregon. we could talk about how dry it has been, how the grass and brush and trees have dried out so much, it's just standing waiting for a fire to start. a number of wildfires have already occurred in oregon, but now we'll watch the east border. today we have got thunderstorms that will be rolling up as the daytime heating gets going, so far lightning strikes have developed this southern nevada. but we're going to start to see the storms blow up with the daytime heating, therefore we do have fire weather warnings in place for all of southern oregon and also into central idaho, where we already have the elk complex and beaver creek fire that is being fought. when the smoke gets thick it is tough to go outside in the morning hours, because it just
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settles down in the treasure valley. temperatures are expected to be hot, 93 for boise. this is a warm day for the pacific northwest, and you can see how they are staying dry to the west, but the showers coming up from the southwest, a little bit of a break in the southeast. we're still going to get showers and some heavy thunder storms at times. keep it right here, al jazeera america will bring you more news and worth throughout the afternoon. >> thank you so much. i'm rochelle carey, stay with us for more news throughout the day. thank you so much for your time. do keep it here. ♪
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